G F GUANJIAYING FLANGE  FORGING COMPANY COPYRIGHT (C) 2011 GUANJIAYING. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Wind Power Offshore Shipbuilding Petrochemistry DESIGN & ANALYSIS HOME ABOUT US PRODUCTS QUALITY CONTACT HOME ABOUT US PRODUCTS QUALITY CONTACT Products Design Facility Authentication Standard Flanges Special Flanges Wind Power Products Other Forgings Material Parts Stress Analysis 1 Parts Stress Analysis 2 Parts Stress Analysis 3 Assembly Stress Analysis Descriptive Sample Text  There is no international standard for swivel ring flanges and this can lead to under design on a fundamental level. While the ASME 16.5 and 16.47 codes are applicable for weld neck flanges, they are not applicable to swivel ring flanges beyond the bolt pattern and bolt sizes. ASME offer alternative rules that consider swivel ring flanges as non-standard, or loose type, flanges, but detailed design and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has to be conducted to ensure components are not undersized or over stressed. We see ourselves not only a manufacturer, but also a provider of design services that support the many types of products within our manufacturing capabilities.